Double Under Wonder Speed Rope

Double Under Wonder Speed Rope

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Double Under Wonder Speed Rope $34.99
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         MADE FOR: SPEED! These ropes are PERFECT for Double Unders. The handles             utilize ball bearings that attach to the rope allowing for smooth rotations and an              ease for speed. You'll be a Double Under Wonder in no time!

  • ROPE: 3/32” galvanized stainless steel coated in PVC maintaining a tangle and kink-free structure. Ropes are adjustable at your desired rope length. Please note that the rope can only be adjusted between the heights of 4' 4" and 6'4". Once you have adjusted the rope for your height be sure you have tightly fastened the screws. 


  • HANDLES: 5 1/4” long and 3/4" in diameter. Constructed with hollow material keeping the entire rope light and efficient.


  • CINCH BAG: Comes with a Burn Blue branded cinch bag to hold your rope in until you need it for camp. 

  • The ropes are made for frictionless speed. These are recommended for use with a mat or similar surface, not for use on hard abrasive surfaces.